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 It’s Never too Late to Straighten Your Smile

Braces as an adult? No way. At least, that was what I thought when my dentist told me that I was going to have to see an orthodontist about my crooked teeth. But my teeth were so misaligned that they were causing me pain when I chewed, so I decided to at least look into it. Turns out braces today are nothing like the ones my friends had when I was a kid. Mine were practically invisible, and I didn't need to wear them that long. I started this blog to encourage other people like me who are nervous about the prospect of wearing braces as an adult. My straight smile is so worth the trips to the orthodontist, and wearing braces was nowhere near as bad as I thought. Read on to find out more about how you can straighten your smile.

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It’s Never too Late to Straighten Your Smile

Tips For Helping Your Kids Prevent Cavities

by Jacqueline Byrd

If you are a parent, you likely want your kids to be as healthy as possible. This is good because it will allow your kids to lead a long, fulfilling life. It will also make it easy for your kids to maintain their tooth health when they are adults because they won't have any lingering dental issues to deal with. However, kids can sabotage your best efforts at helping them stay free of cavities. They eat gummy candies and drink soda. They don't brush as well as they should. Here are some tips for additional steps you can take to help your kids prevent cavities.

1. Give Them Cheese

Cheese is an excellent snack to promote tooth health for two reasons. The first reason is that it provides calcium in a large amount, which is critical for your children's developing teeth. You want to make sure that your children get a lot of calcium so that their teeth are as strong as possible. The second reason is that cheese is able to increase the amount of saliva that your child's mouth produces while he or she is eating it. Saliva production is important because it decreases the amount of time that acids and other harmful substances stay on your child's teeth. This will reduce the amount of damage those substances do. Take the time to make sure that your child is getting the cheese that he or she needs.

2. Consider Sealants

Talk to your pediatric dentist about sealants for your children. The dentist dries the tooth and applies a protective layer over areas that are not as strong as they could be. This prevents bacteria and other issues from invading your child's teeth and causing cavities. Sealants need to be maintained on a regular basis in order to keep up their full protective properties but they can significantly decrease the chances that your child will develop a cavity or two.

3. Enforce Brushing Time

Finally, be sure that you enforcing the amount of time that your kids brush for by buying toothbrushes that will play a song for a full two minutes to make sure that your children are brushing adequately or encourage your older children to time themselves. By drawing attention to the amount of time that your kids are brushing, you will be able to increase the chances that they will do a more thorough job than they might have done before.

For more information, talk to a clinic that specializes in dental work (like Timothy D Calkins DDS).