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 It’s Never too Late to Straighten Your Smile

Braces as an adult? No way. At least, that was what I thought when my dentist told me that I was going to have to see an orthodontist about my crooked teeth. But my teeth were so misaligned that they were causing me pain when I chewed, so I decided to at least look into it. Turns out braces today are nothing like the ones my friends had when I was a kid. Mine were practically invisible, and I didn't need to wear them that long. I started this blog to encourage other people like me who are nervous about the prospect of wearing braces as an adult. My straight smile is so worth the trips to the orthodontist, and wearing braces was nowhere near as bad as I thought. Read on to find out more about how you can straighten your smile.

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It’s Never too Late to Straighten Your Smile


Reasons Your Child Might Need A Tooth Extracted

Taking kids to the dentist is a good idea from the time they are very young as this helps them to have healthier, stronger teeth. Dental visits are also important for catching problems, and one of the services your child might need at some point is a tooth extraction. Children may need to have a tooth extracted for several reasons, and here are some of the top reasons for this procedure.

3 Reasons To Remove Seemingly Problem-Free Wisdom Teeth

Though the average mouth has room for 28 teeth, many people have four additional teeth that try to erupt at some point. These teeth are known as wisdom teeth. Many wisdom teeth try to erupt through the gumline, but they aren't able to because there isn't enough room. When this happens, your wisdom teeth are said to be impacted. Not all impacted wisdom teeth cause pain or obvious problems. If your wisdom teeth aren't currently causing you any issues, you may wonder why you should have them removed.

2 Body Parts That Should Be Healthy Before Your Implant Surgery

A dental implant is a versatile device that is used in the replacement of one or more teeth. Implants replace the roots of lost teeth. The versatility the devices lies in their ability to support a myriad of crown-replacement appliances, such as dental bridges or dental crowns.  When a dentist places an implant, he inserts the device through the gums into the jawbone. The procedure is performed in-office and typically only requires local anesthesia.

4 FAQ About Dental Crowns

When you think of a crown, you think of something that goes on top of the head. That is kind of what a dental crown is like, as it goes on top of the tooth. There are various situations that may require a dentist to place a dental crown. A damaged tooth is the most common reason. Some people put a dental crown on a discolored tooth in order to improve its appearance.

Three Things To Know About Dental Veneers

Everyone has a desire to have great looking teeth. Thankfully, there are dental procedures that can be used to fix cosmetic problems that would otherwise be difficult to change. Dental veneers are one way to do it, which is done by taking a thin porcelain shell and attaching it to the front surface of the teeth. Dental veneers are quite unique, which is why you may want to know the following three things about them.

What To Do When A Baby Tooth Is Knocked Out Of Your Child's Mouth

Baby teeth will eventually fall out of a child's mouth, but there are also times when a baby tooth will get knocked out of a child's mouth long before it would naturally come loose and fall out. If this happens to one of your child's baby teeth, here are several things you should know. Locate the tooth The first thing you should after this happens is locate the tooth. While you really do not necessarily need it, it is important to locate it to make sure it is not stuck in your child's mouth somewhere, as this could be a choking hazard.

Why Pediatric Eye Care Is So Important For Your Growing Toddler

One of the best parts of being a parent is watching your infant grow and develop into their own person. It's wonderful to see as your child's personality begins to show itself in so many funny ways and you would do anything to make sure that your little one is always able to be healthy and happy. Regular visits with the pediatrician are essential but there are other medical professionals out there who can help your toddler as well.

2 Ways To Take Care Of Your Dental Health

You need to make sure you take great care of your teeth if you want to have good overall health. There are numerous steps you can take to improve your dental health. 1. Always, Always Brush The importance of brushing cannot be overstated. Set aside four minutes of your day to at least brush your teeth. You should brush your teeth in the morning and evenings for two minutes each. Remember to take a few seconds to quickly brush your teeth.

Tips To Help You Make Dental Care A Priority

You take the initiative to change the batteries in the smoke alarms in your home to prevent things from going very bad if a fire should occur. Do you take the same initiative when it comes to dental work? Many people don't take their dental health as seriously as they should, which results in things getting worse over the years. Many dental issues can be prevented with preventative care. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you stay on top of your dental care schedule.

2 Tips For Preventing Stains On Your Ceramic Braces

If you opted for ceramic braces over the old-fashioned kind with metal brackets, you may love how the material blends in with your teeth, making the braces hardly noticeable. However, if you do not take proper care of the braces, they may stain and start to stand out. While wearing your ceramic braces, use the following tips to help keep them from staining. 1.  Avoid Stain-Causing Substances One way to keep from staining the ceramic brackets of your braces is to not subject them to stain-causing substances in the first place.

3 Reasons You May Require A Tooth Extraction

One of the most common dental surgeries in having a tooth extracted, which is the act of pulling a tooth out of its socket from the bone. This particular surgical procedure can be performed for both children and adults, which means that both temporary and permanent teeth can be pulled. It is best if permanent teeth are not extracted, but in some cases, it is necessary. Here is a look at three reasons why a tooth extraction may be necessary as an adult.

How to Help Your Teen Adjust to Their Braces

Braces will ultimately give your teen a straighter, more perfect smile that they are thankful for. But the first few weeks with those braces can be anything but pleasant. Here are a few ways that you, as a parent, can help your teen adjust to their new braces. Stock up on soft foods they love. You may be surprised to see that the list of foods to actually avoid with braces is pretty short.

Oral Rehab: What It Is, And Why It's Nothing Like Muscle Exercise

A full mouth rehab by your dentist is nothing like physical rehab or drug rehab. In fact, you could say that an oral rehab falls somewhere in between in terms of difficulty and pain. Here is more about what this set of procedures is, and why it is nothing like anything you have ever experienced before. Pull All of the Dead Teeth ​A mouth that has been prescribed this level of treatment is often full of dead and/or rotting teeth.