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 It’s Never too Late to Straighten Your Smile

Braces as an adult? No way. At least, that was what I thought when my dentist told me that I was going to have to see an orthodontist about my crooked teeth. But my teeth were so misaligned that they were causing me pain when I chewed, so I decided to at least look into it. Turns out braces today are nothing like the ones my friends had when I was a kid. Mine were practically invisible, and I didn't need to wear them that long. I started this blog to encourage other people like me who are nervous about the prospect of wearing braces as an adult. My straight smile is so worth the trips to the orthodontist, and wearing braces was nowhere near as bad as I thought. Read on to find out more about how you can straighten your smile.

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It’s Never too Late to Straighten Your Smile

3 Reasons You May Require A Tooth Extraction

by Jacqueline Byrd

One of the most common dental surgeries in having a tooth extracted, which is the act of pulling a tooth out of its socket from the bone. This particular surgical procedure can be performed for both children and adults, which means that both temporary and permanent teeth can be pulled. It is best if permanent teeth are not extracted, but in some cases, it is necessary. Here is a look at three reasons why a tooth extraction may be necessary as an adult.

Severe Decay

As tooth decay gets worse, it will eventually get to a point where the bacterium reaches the tooth's pulp. It is at this time that the tooth is no longer salvageable via a root canal procedure, which means that the tooth must be extracted completely in order to prevent the spreading of the infection throughout the body.

Fractured Tooth

When you have a fractured tooth, there are exposed nerves—which are incredibly sensitive—that are located within the interior of the tooth, which leaves the entire area susceptible to bacteria. As a result, you are at an increased risk of various dental issues like tooth decay and infections. Therefore, a tooth extraction is often the most viable method of treatment, at which time the tooth can be restored with a dental implant.

Impacted Tooth

There are some cases when you have a tooth or multiple teeth that cannot penetrate the surface of your gums, and these teeth are considered to be impacted. This is often the issue with wisdom teeth. It is crucial that impacted teeth be extracted so that the mouth doesn't become overcrowded, forcing the rest of the teeth in the mouth to get out of alignment. If you're experiencing any pain or discomfort in the pain and have no logical reason for it, you may want to reach out to your dentist for an oral exam so that the issue can be determined. If necessary, your dentist will perform an extraction.

If you have a severely decayed tooth, fractured tooth, or impacted tooth, it is imperative that you reach out to your dentist today to schedule an appointment. You will undergo a comprehensive oral examination, X-rays, and a consultation with your dentist, and more than likely, you will schedule an appointment for a tooth extraction procedure at the end of the initial appointment. Don't delay if you have any of the aforementioned issues as they can get worse, leading to infections that can harm the rest of your body.