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 It’s Never too Late to Straighten Your Smile

Braces as an adult? No way. At least, that was what I thought when my dentist told me that I was going to have to see an orthodontist about my crooked teeth. But my teeth were so misaligned that they were causing me pain when I chewed, so I decided to at least look into it. Turns out braces today are nothing like the ones my friends had when I was a kid. Mine were practically invisible, and I didn't need to wear them that long. I started this blog to encourage other people like me who are nervous about the prospect of wearing braces as an adult. My straight smile is so worth the trips to the orthodontist, and wearing braces was nowhere near as bad as I thought. Read on to find out more about how you can straighten your smile.

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It’s Never too Late to Straighten Your Smile

2 Tips For Preventing Stains On Your Ceramic Braces

by Jacqueline Byrd

If you opted for ceramic braces over the old-fashioned kind with metal brackets, you may love how the material blends in with your teeth, making the braces hardly noticeable. However, if you do not take proper care of the braces, they may stain and start to stand out. While wearing your ceramic braces, use the following tips to help keep them from staining.

1.  Avoid Stain-Causing Substances

One way to keep from staining the ceramic brackets of your braces is to not subject them to stain-causing substances in the first place. While the ceramic from which the brackets are constructed is fairly resistant to staining, they are still prone to absorbing certain dyes and chemicals that will discolor them.

For example, if you regularly drink coffee or wine, the natural dyes in these drinks will eventually permeate the surfaces of the brackets. And, if you regularly eat dark berries, such as blackberries or blueberries, these will stain your braces within a short period of time. If you enjoy any of these foods or drinks, try to at least limit their consumption if you cannot give them up.

Also, certain habits, such as smoking cigarettes, will stain the ceramic material of your braces. The nicotine, tar, and other chemicals can easily soak into the surface and cause staining. If you cannot bring yourself to quit smoking, at least try to cut back to limit these substances' contact with your braces.

2.  Perform at Least Some Oral Hygiene Every Time You Finish Eating

Even if you do not partake of stain-causing foods or have cut back on enjoying them, your braces can still be stained by the buildup of tartar and plaque that forms around them. To minimize their buildup, try to brush and floss your teeth as soon as possible after you eat a meal or snack.

However, if you are out and about and cannot find the place or time to give your teeth a thorough brushing, at least perform some oral hygiene step every time you finish eating. This step could be simply rinsing out your mouth with warm water while in the bathroom, which removes some of the food residue so that it does not harden on your teeth and around your braces.

Using the tips above can help you keep your ceramic braces and stain-free, improving your smile and keeping the brackets less noticeable. If you need further guidance on how to clean and take care of your braces, contact an orthodontics office.